Personal protection equipment under the most extreme conditions of thermal risks. Garments designed and tested for works in foundries, glassware, steel mills, cement industries, etc

Copperline is the line of garments, specially created to protect us against the thermal risks in an electric arc.

We offer undergarments, which considerably reduce burns, (even using freproof outer clothing) that can be produced after being exposed to an electric arc
The entire range of garments is made with Westex™ fabrics, specifcally in Indura Ultrasoft®

We always keep in mind that there are many different types of welding, depending on the way the metals are fused together. We consider the characteristics and specifc risks that apply to each type of welding at the start of the design process.

We offer solutions that protect the wearer without reducing comfort,

Tactical line is the product line especially designed for emergency cases. We offer both turnout clothing and complements for frefghters and policemen

We offer freproof protection garments with the most technical innovative fbers, or the most comfortable traditional cotton for works without thermal risk.

Precisely, looking for this comfort we have taken care all details: very resistant sewing, protected pockets with lapel, made without metal accessories and other more details.

Modular protection solutions 

When designing our products we always try to to cover the two essential needs of a worker in extreme conditions with important protection requirements:

  • Providing maximum protection to safeguard healthand safety
  • Providing ergonomically designed clothing that allows the worker to carry out his/her job in comfort.
Thermal protection

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