ITS is a company with the aim of offering our customers the right protection against health and safety risks in the workplace. We specialize in providing thermal protection solutions for the most extreme situations.

We make use our broad experience in the field of PPE to produce specialized products that meet the needs of our customers.

We combine our core values of flexibility, energy and innovation to offer the very best custom PPE. We offer high quality protective technical clothing to suit the needs of your work environment. Thanks to our experience and skills, we have the capacity to create and produce clothing for use in extreme work situations, where quality and functionality have a direct impact on the welfare, health and safety of the wearer.


All our products have CE Marking. CE Marking indicates conformity with the health and safety requirements laid out in the European Directive (89/686/EEC). This directive defines basic requirements for the design and manufacture of PPE to ensure safe working conditions. Our clothing is manufactured and tested in accordance with these standards and the specific regulations applicable to each garment.

We have a comprehensive quality management system to ensure excellence, and to offer our customers quality products and services with the flexibility, performance and competitiveness the market demands.

We offer our expertise and experience to give the best possible advice to our customers. To ensure that the end users of our clothing are properly protected, we consider it essential to train everyone who works with us in sales and distribution directly, so that they can recommend the most appropriate protective equipment for each situation.

To achieve our aim we work with several carefully selected partners, which allows us to offer a comprehensive service to our customers.